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Artist Sarit Macleod

Who Is Sarit ?
Sarit Macleod was born in the 70’s, 1972 to be exact. His artistry has a base history, his mother is a practicing Australian artist and his father was an art teacher so maybe he was destined to practice art. His descent is a mixture of English, Scottish, Jewish and Indigenous Australian. He classifies himself, to put in bluntly, himself as an Australian artist. Click to view complete artist bio- 
Welcome to my online gallery of my own art prints. Other works may be on display from time to time. I enjoy creating prints because I can keep a copy for myself. I have had offers for my paintings and charcoal drawings. But have been unable to part with art I care about a great deal.    

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Print designs are available for purchase from limited edition series until the set number of reproductions has sold. Prints are signed, titled, numbered and dated. Worldwide delivery includes FREE SHIPPING. Order processing is accessible through using EBay's global leading payment transaction company 'PayPal', Shopping Cart. PayPal utilizes the worlds most advanced proprietary fraud prevention systems. For information about PayPal Buyer Protection Click Here!          

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